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Small Update

Hey folks,

A lots been happening, but we are still working away on the project, albeit more slowly that we would like. Alex is working through  his checklist for the base game to get it to a higher level of quality and then we will begin rolling out the next batch of testing.

Malcolm has his art list to work through and will be having a look through everything to make sure his art work has been implemented the way he intended it to be as well as upgrading any art that might need a touch up.

Its still a while before we reach the finish line, but we can see it and we know what we have to do to get there. With everyone being stretched with real life issues, work or education we are all still pushing forward to our goal of finishing this game that we feel proud of and that we know you will enjoy.

Stay tuned folks,


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SPU 12

Spent the past few weeks combining the mini-games into the main game. Fun fact about Game Maker- While it is really easy to import things from one project into a different project, it does not keep the organization. We have different groups for things like what is in a level, what is part of the UI, and things that handle score and such. I ended up with a list of 150+ items I had to reorganize. And some of the objects in one mini-game might have the same name as an object that does something completely different in the other game. We had things like petals in one game be replaced with the petal pet sprite from the main game, causing sprinkling leaves to turn into a screen full of petal pets falling.

It is all done now, back to adding features into the game and tracking down bug fixes. One more mini-game to finalize and begin to merge. Currently optimizing and adding features while Steven finishes up the mini-game.

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Artist Update 026 – Giving A Voice

Something that has been on the cards for a while now is giving the pets a way of communicating how they are feeling and what they like & dislike. We are implementing speech bubbles that will pop up now and again to let you know how you can better take care of a pet, specific to that pets likes and dislikes, wants and needs.

There are three different speech bubbles that will communicate in different styles. Here are those three types below. They will be filled with graphics like emoticons for mood and happiness, food and items for hunger and general needs, and mini-game icons for fun and boredom.

Also, The Daycare has been under review recently. I’ve designed some new buttons and lights for the Daycares area system. Light represent filled areas and the buttons will switch to the pets of that type currently in the Daycare


There’s plenty still to be done but its really coming together. Stay tuned for more updates from the other guys! 😉




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The last month

Hey folks,

The last month has been a bit crazy with joining up the base game and the two mini games for testing purposes. However, its a very valuable time investment because it means

  • Testers only have 1 file, rather than multiple to download
  • We learn how to join up our modules(mini games, base game) as they have been developed separate.
  • We see the effects of joining up the game such as data leaks and slow downs,
  • It allows the user to see the final picture and how the base game ties with the mini games more easily
  • Programming and art work can be done on joining module mechanics. Such as money or pack of cards received in a mini game, appearing in the base game.
  • Issues arising from having two programmers on board who may use different names for the same item in the game, causing the game to look like its bugged.

Alex and I have had a back on forth with him uploading versions, me testing it and sending back things to fix. Once we have no more issues it will be ready for public testing where we can get much valued feedback, not just on the mini games, and base game, but the game as a whole.

Malcolm has his list of art that he will be working on and once ready this will be added to the modules as we keep pushing forward. We are also currently testing out Steven to see how able he is to fit in some work on the third mini game when he is free.

We can’t wait to share what we have.


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SPU 11

I have combined 2 of the mini-games into the base game at this point. I am currently removing some debug code so testers are not cluttered by it. We still need a few art changes to make it clear you can do things like flip the page. A few things need to be tweaked since when they were separated things could be global. Now we do not want things like the Air Balloon music playing in the pet biomes.

The Mayham mini-game is a bit tricky since I was not the one who coded that and the person who did code it was in mid-optimization. So, it takes a bit of time to go through if any changes are wanted.


But it is all mostly done.

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New wave of Testing

Talking with Alex last night, I went over the work needed to be done for setting up a new batch of testing. In the document I outlined some important features the testing files needed, such as developer options that can tweak the game on the fly without the tester having to exit the game.

Everything will be getting tested, with a main focus on the Air Balloon Game, Monster Mayhem and the Base Game, but users will be able to see the card system, the shop, the daycare and even our current, early in development Treasure hunt game. Whilst the treasure hunt game needs a lot of work, its important to remember that we also still have work to do elsewhere, especially tweaks and changes to the Air Balloon, Monster Mayhem and Base Game based on feedback.

Once the files are ready they will be made into one executable, meaning testers won’t have to jump between our different modules. The main kind of tester we are looking for is a 1 to 1 tester via Skype. The tester must have Skype, a decent internet connection and  Microphone. The tester will be sharing their screen as they play the game. If you aren’t able to do this, we will still have the file downloadable along with a small word document outlining some questions that will act only as a guideline.

When we have those files ready, I will let you guys know. Stay tuned if you are interesting in trying, for the first time the early demonstration of our game joined up.



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Game Update

It’s been a little while since we have updated, but we have still made progress. The game is now getting joined up, starting with the Base Game & the Air Balloon Mini game, this gives us a more solid testing foundation and we can see how the base game mini game match up. Both aspects still need improvements and more testing and joining them up will help us see that, as that will more closely represent the final game.

Malcolm and I went through all of his remaining bulk of Art work and listed it out. His aim is to complete the list by September. From then on its only art changes and art requests that we will need. This way we have the bulk of Art content out of the way.

We took some time off over the hot summer to recharge out batteries, moving forward, more work needs done on joining up the base game and air balloon game, its a hard task that causes a lot of errors and needs for fixes. Once we get those both to a happy state, we will work on the remainder of the third mini game to get that finished. We are still in the looking for a programmer so depending on if we get one or not will determine if we manage to squeeze some extra juice for the game or we wrap it up after the final mini game. If we don’t get a second programmer then we will release the game the way it was always intended, getting a second programmer only means additional features and tweaks since one would work on the rest of the mini game whilst the other made more additions to the base game. Hopefully we know over the next couple of weeks.